Maybe happiness is this: not feeling like you should be elsewhere, doing something else, being someone else.
Isaac Asimov (via w-ritings)

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i am not the same person i was before this episode

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do you ever come up with AUs for your own life

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If you didn’t pay attention to Varys during the Purple Wedding you seriously missed out


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selinabln replied to your post “raevinaliscorvi reblogged your photoset and added: I so disagree with…”

This is a wonderful analysis. I only disagree on one point. Ressler’s been given the same invitation to get closer to Red. The openness Red showed him in the box & in the snow was breathtaking. Sadly, Ressler chooses only to see and not to observe…

I stand corrected. :) Yes, Red reached out to Ressler, too, but I think his MO was different. Ep 109 is a feelsfest I will never recover from and even ep 116 has its moments but from a Red/Ressler POV they are rather self-contained, IMO. There’s no continuous effort on Red’s part to draw Ressler in, and Ressler doesn’t seem to be interested in being “drawn in” either. Not yet, that is. (as opposed to Liz who’s been gravitating towards Red almost from the beginning) In ep 116, Red gave advice by opening up a bit about his own past. It was strangely straightforward but again, it felt kind of “finite”. And it was Dembe who later delivered the head, plus Red chose to send a letter instead of speaking with Ressler face to face. So I felt a bit of distance there, like he patted Ressler from an arm’s length, then walked off.

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as promised

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red wedding: NOOOO

purple wedding: YOOOOO

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And mine are long and sharp, my lord, as long and sharp as yours.

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I so disagree with the reckless/suicidal thing: Red is anything but this.

Oh this is an interesting topic. I agree with you: Red doesn’t take uncalculated risks. He is not “reckless to the point of suicidal” but I also get why Cooper got that impression. I mean, Red associates with people/keeps walking into situations no sane person would, and he does it so breezily, so flippantly - like it’s a joke and not a question of life & death. This casual attitude is a facade but as a result, to an outside observer, his actions seem careless and borderline suicidal. That’s why this inaccuracy in Cooper’s assessment is very important, imo. It highlights the fact that nobody from Team Good Guys* truly understands Raymond Reddington. Everybody is still an outside observer. So far only Liz has been invited closer and even she has barely gotten through the front door yet.

* and nobody from Team Bad Guys either, for that matter

But Liz is probably the most likely to eventually “get” him, not only because her family history makes her “predisposed” but also because she’s a profiler. She’s driven both personally and professionally to “unearth the Farmer” so to speak. It’s her job to try and understand criminals - truly understand them. It requires her to view them both as they used to be (people) and as they are now (monsters), then map the road in between. Red was instantly drawn to that, to her, as was Liz to him (professionally and emotionally). Ressler openly belittles Liz for her approach in ep 105. He tells her he believes in facts and thinks profiling is garbage (meanwhile Red dismisses his dutifully written, fact-based reports as “book reports” - enough said). Neither Ressler, nor Cooper seems particularly keen (no pun intended) on uncovering the mystery of the “evilution” of Raymond Reddington. They assume they already know what they need to know about him, and they put up with him because he’s useful. I can’t really blame them, though, since Red is almost always a smug, cryptic, condescending dick in their presence. It seldom inspires sympathy or an urge to look beyond.

So for Ressler & Cooper, Red is an extremely high-value crime-fighting tool and he’s treated as such - nothing less, nothing more. Cooper even calls him his “secret weapon” in ep 115. And Red is okay with that but he clearly expects more from Liz. He is always encouraging her to think outside the box, and in ep 107, he pointedly tells her “I’m not a gumball machine. You don’t get to just twist the handle whenever you want a treat.” He wants to help her but he doesn’t allow her to simplify and objectify him the way others do. He wants a close personal relationship. With Cooper, he trades in information but with Liz, he trades in intimacy. He accepted the monster label but he also wants to be seen as a living, breathing, feeling human being again, and I think he thinks that it’s possible through her eyes and her eyes only.

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Not everyone you lose is a loss.
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"We’re gonna make a great team."

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Gabriel García Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude
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Gabriel García Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude

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The strangler is a rare poison, which makes the person unable to breathe. The poison is made from plants that are only found on islands in the Jade Sea. The leaves of the plant are picked and aged, then soaked in a wash of limes, sugar water and rare spices from the Summer Islands. The leaves are then discarded, but the liquid is kept and thickened with ash and allowed to crystallize. It turns a deep purple color.

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