thatgoddamn-red-ponytail replied to your post:*JE’s words appear on dash* *war flashback* JE:…

this perfectly expresses the fact that Eisendrath interviews popping up can basically take a good week and ruin it with a lingering bad taste. he “wants the debate to continue”? really? It actually seems to be driving fans away imo :S

agreed. people are less and less eager to discuss this topic since it usually triggers a s**tstorm. i think we all have enough crap to deal with IRL, so…  it’s getting exhausting…

on a lighter note, JE kinda reminds me of Colonel Flagg in that he, too, seems to keep himself in a constant state of utter confusion. we’ll never learn the truth about Red & Liz because the EPs don’t know it either ;)

I was laughing earlier bc I saw some people saying “SEE. HE’S THE FATHER” and “SEE. THIS SHIP IS WRONG” then I saw he was the source of their glee. So it was quickly like ‘lol. enjoy that’

:D I swear this guy commutes from a parallel universe where the fundamental laws of logic & narrative/character integrity are suspended. I don’t usually crack jokes at the writers/producers because yes, they are the ones who know best (or supposed to anyway) but here we have JE who can barely make it through a sentence without contradicting himself or established canon (part of which he helped create - allegedly). and this makes it even more difficult for me to take the dad theory even remotely seriously.

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*JE’s words appear on dash*


*war flashback* JE: red has these sick, twisted paternal feelings for liz


*present time in a galaxy far far away* JE: i think it’s such a wonderful father-daughter relationship. the stuff of fluffy unicorn dreams. so relatable. total wish-fulfillment. is he the father tho? we said no and we do give concrete answers but also we are never definitive in giving these concrete answers. so like we treat it as a multiple choice question


JE: are people tired of hearing about father-daughter questions?


JE: do they want to hear about other things? Should we avoid it for a while? We don’t know sometimes. We’ll answer some. We’re dealing with it. I just don’t know if it will satisfy.


JE: maybe deep down, Liz doesn’t want to know. sure, she asked. and asked. and threw cheese sandwiches and raged and demanded to know bc ‘it’s all that matters’ and it’s her life but… nah. she doesn’t *really* want to know


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Stephen King, The Dark Tower
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Stephen King, The Dark Tower

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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Which do you want: the pain of staying where you are, or the pain of growth?
Judith Hanson Lasater (via amyjellicoes)

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Isn’t there anything you ever think about doing to me? Something unusual? Because I think about doing things to you. I think about making you powerless, completely at my mercy, making you beg.

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You always stop at the same part, when it’s very beautiful.

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The excellent folks over at the Guardian have put together a handy guide for figuring out whether you’re reading a gothic novel: Scary eyed villain? Virginal, fainting heroine? Spooky castle? Ghost? YES PLEASE! Also, now I REALLY need to read The Mysteries of Udolpho.

— Petra

Image via Guardian Books

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Let's talk about the blood, shall we? 



So, what was everyone’s take on Bill marking Gini with his own blood?

I don’t have a coherent analysis on this yet (possibly still distracted by the moments that followed, hehe) but I wanted to make a bunch of points:

  • I thought it was interesting that the dripping eye made it…

Hey, welcome to the fandom! I love your interpretation. Thank you for articulating what I was trying to say about Bill dropping his mask, much more eloquently than I did. :)

Hi! *waves* And thank you so much. I’m still trying to get my bearings (mostly via lurking) but I can already tell you’re a very enthusiastic and fun bunch. :)

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How come every other organ in your body can get sick and you get sympathy, except your brain?

Ruby Wax 

Reblogging the SHIT out of this.

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❝ It is not hard to feel like an outsider. I think we have all felt like that at one time or another. (x)

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Peggy getting slowly more annoyed by the Americans she is surrounded by and their collective inability to use the letter U.

Steve writing her notes in which he adds a U after every O. Even the ones where there is already a U:

Dear Agent Carter,

Sourry abouut my ignourant American English. I’ll try tou dou better froum nouw oun.


Captain Rougers

Peggy retaliating by writing him notes without the letter U at all:

Dear Captain Rogers

Yo’re not fcking fnny.


Agent Carter

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September’s month: looking after the Fringe team in all eras and universes

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