So when people leave, I’ve learned the secret: let them. Because, most of the time, they have to.

Let them walk away and go places. Let them have adventures in the wild without you. Let them travel the world and explore life beyond a horizon that you exist in. And know, deep down, that heroes aren’t qualified by their capacity to stay but by their decision to return.

The Staying Philosophy (Everyday Isa)

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Idris Elba Accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge

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Joy: Will Red and Lizzie become lovers on The Blacklist?
Nothing in the scripts written for Season 2 so far suggests this will happen. [source]

I’m just gonna ignore the answer because

But the fact that this question even popped up makes me happy. It seems that slowly - very slowly - this concept is starting to trickle into the “mainstream.” It might have started with Megan’s love story comment, then there was the reporter who mentioned that there are fans who root for a romantic outcome, then we had JBok & JS at CC re-framing the “is he her dad” question, and now this question above. And I’ve seen a few neutral articles too, which is always good. Well, we’ll see… :)

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hotdamnspader replied to your post: crazy4rich replied to your post:I love…

love the tag!

Thank you! :) It also works as a PSA. Physical intimacy has a lot of health benefits…


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crazy4rich replied to your post:I love, love, LOVE your blog! i just wanted to say it :)



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BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD!!! Once you are given this award, you are supposed to paste it in the ask of 10 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it’s sweet to know someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out.

Okay, what’s with all the love, people? Who put you up to this? I’m getting nervous…
j/k And thank you! Will spread it around. :)

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I love, love, LOVE your blog! i just wanted to say it :)


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People who have monsters recognize each other. They know each other without even saying a word.

Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Last Night I Sang To The Monster

(via mythandrists)

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Why this one? Why did I choose this face? It’s like I’m trying to tell myself something, like I’m trying to make a point. But what is so important that I can’t just tell myself what I’m thinking? 

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Laurell K. Hamilton, Blood Noir


Laurell K. Hamilton, Blood Noir

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Okay now I’m feeling a little bit evil. :) But congratulations on hitting the big 50! Holy s… wow! It’s scary-impressive. *tips a fedora*

oh yes, roominthecastle, you are evil XDD, but also genius, and finally getting to read that meta and having it blow my mind was totally the kick in the butt i needed to get moving on the fic again, plus the running Red backstory with you… there’s 4.5 thousand words that may or may not be the entirety of CH9 that’s all Red backstory/allusion extravaganza, and it’s dedicated to you my friend!

it feels like a huge deal to have written a whole nano-sized block, even if it took me 3 and a bit months. I’m not quite shooting distance from the end but it’s down hill-ish from here, I’m writing the ~big reveal~ of my AU backstory/conspiracy theory, so that feels huge because I’ve been waiting to write the reveal of that in this or the other of my TBL fics for 8 months.

so yes, if I don’t fall down the stairs at work and die, this fic may be done by premier, and if not then def. by Halloween — and especially if I’ve got lots of nice, chewy meta spurring me on ;))))) (just kidding. Most XD)

hey, I still really think you should try John Crowley’s Aegypt cycle, it seems right up your street (if the writing style works for you, which granted, to some he’s an acquired taste). It’s got a former history professor, Giordano Bruno, Doctor John Dee and Edward Kelley, Hermetic myth, alchemists, more than one history of the world, and a number of amorphous others. But don’t expect any fast moving, obvious, or even easily observable plot, because in some ways it’s a 4 book thought experiment — but good grief, what thoughts!

I’m very happy to hear that my diabolical machinations produce such beneficial results. ;) You might not be able to show this fic to people IRL but it doesn’t make it any less of an accomplishment, imo. I promise I will read it with the attention it deserves. It’s on my (ever expanding) list. So please do be careful and don’t go falling down any stairs, okay? I’m currently reading a very interesting book on the philosophies & psychology of evil (yeah I’m using my uni years to prepare for both life & a possible afterlife), so there might be more Red/TBL meta down the line, too. :) And I will def give Crowley a try. I’ve already ordered Little, Big and the Aegypt cycle sounds fascinating too, so it could be next. I love slow moving, contemplative pieces. Thank you!

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The Blacklist 



Why do people ship Elizabeth (Keen) and (Raymond) Reddington together?

I can’t even begin to picture this as remotely logical, strongly due to the possibility of him being her father. (Who cares if he says he isn’t? That proves nothing.)

But I…

"There is NO answer yet"

Yes, there is and it’s a no. The fact that people refuse to hear it and do not want to believe it is another issue altogether.

"To say that one version is wrong is presumptuous, as well as to say that we know what the writers are thinking."

I wasn’t being presumptuous. In one of the audio commentaries, they mentioned that one of Red’s rules is that he does not lie to Liz. I didn’t make that up. They said it. It also makes sense within the context of the show.

"I’m sick of reading that one version is “annoying”."

It annoys me because it doesn’t make sense to me yet it is repeatedly pushed into my face (often treated as a fact), therefore, to me it is annoying and I will continue to call it annoying because it. annoys. me. Also, it is an opinion. Last time I checked, we are all allowed to have one. I’m sorry if this particular one of mine annoys you.

"BOTH sides would win if the shippers would argue with facts, show evidences and just admit sometimes that the other party is right with something."

First, BOTH sides would win if BOTH sides argued with facts and showed evidence and admitted if the other party is right. Why is it that the burden of proof and tolerance has to lie solely with the shippers these days if, as you said, nothing is decided yet? Prove me that Red lied. Explain to me why it is a logical decision both character- and narrative-wise. Tell me what he can possibly gain by lying to Liz at this point. Show me how it underpins their story and serves the development of their relationship, aka the very foundation of the show. Red-is-the-biodad advocates should concentrate on these basic issues instead of antagonizing the shippers. I know the latter is easier but still…

Second, shipping is basically loving the idea of two characters being in love. Since emotions are involved, you can’t justify your choice with dry facts and concrete evidence alone, nor should you be required to. This is tumblr not a court room. So there’s that. BUT when you happen to argue with facts, the other side often resorts to ignoring said facts (see above) or victim playing, so you still get nowhere and eventually your patience just runs out.

Third, I, for one, have mentioned several times how I see paternal flashes from Red occasionally, or how I think it to be one possible facet of the Red/Liz dynamic because once again, it makes sense since Red is a grieving father who failed to protect his daughter. Red being the biological father, however, does not make sense to me anymore. Why? It’s been covered a million times already. If one is truly interested, one can make an effort and read up on it on blogs dedicated to the subject.